Daddy? Did you plug the hole yet?

3 Responses to “Daddy? Did you plug the hole yet?”

  1. paulhaider74 Says:

    Are you referring to Sarah Palin’s mouth or that BP oil leak in the Gulf? Hey, whatever it takes to fill up either hole is fine with me. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!

  2. Anne Says:

    I agree with Paul’s sentiments wholeheartedly.

  3. RicTresa Says:

    Hey man! Haven’t heard anything from you since my granddaughter didn’t appreciate your efforts on her behalf. What can I say? Kids nowadays..lord help us.

    As far as plugging the hole? .357, starting with the BP CEO, then work your way around. I don’t understand AND it really pisses me off the fact that this British owned company is in charge in our country. We kicked their asses for our freedoms and NOW they are running the show in the Gulf, telling the media to stay away.. and enjoying all the politician’s, (both parties) tongues up their ass.

    Baisez cela ! (excuse my French..) -Ric

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