Bonnie Koloc–Still That Good

Before you ever heard Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn or Joe Williams sing. Such long, long long ago Sunday mornings. Warm summer breezes on Wells Street in Chicago. Late breakfast time. The musicians all there at another table. Bonnie Koloc like a beacon eating breakfast. All of them so good at what they did. You didn’t know why. But you knew how good they were. Koloc and Goodman and Prine. So you just drank some coffee. Read your newspaper. Left them alone.

Now all these years later. On Bonne Koloc’s mailing list, she sends a note. And there’s a You Tube clip of her singing Ed Holstein’s Jazzman. You click in expecting a memory.

And you get right now. Not a memory. Right now. She’s still that good.

Note that there is no one playing that piano. Note there is no band. Note it is just her.

And she’s still that good.

So as you listen to her sing: you think, “Maybe I’m still that good too!”

One Response to “Bonnie Koloc–Still That Good”

  1. Anne Says:

    Wow! She still is that good. Thanks for sharing that beautiful tune.

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