A Prayer in Song For a Soldiers’ Family

O come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock
of our salvation!
Psalm 95:1

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight tonight because the surgery is tomorrow. That means no milk. And milk is the brave and strong little girl’s favorite.

So sing out in prayer that she will have some cold, cold milk and will beam out a smile that her Dad will see when he talks to her on Skype from Afghanistan.

Pray she can tell him just how excited she is for that first cold glass of milk after the surgery.

Sing prayers for the other four kids and the friends in whose homes they are waiting while Mom and the little girl go to the hospital.

Sing prayers for the skilled, trained, and guided by God hands, heart and mind of the surgeon and the whole medical team.

Sing prayers loud for the Mom to keep being so strong.

Sing that the whole family will hear all the prayers for them, prayers so strong that their songs can be heard across all space and time.

Prayers so strong that their song spans the world.

Joyful prayers that hard times come again no more.

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