Because it’s August 22


In the dream on this early August morning of his birthday, Dad was standing next to the water. Smile beaming. He was younger than I am now and he was looking both straight at me and also off in the distance. I was astounded at how close he was. As if I could almost touch him.

He was still smiling when I woke up in the summer darkness and I remembered how when my sister got married and first made the family international, so very long ago, Dad, in the forest green glow after the wedding reception in the backyard of the house said, “I haven’t lost a daughter. I’ve gained a country!”

Now the family spans the globe. From both shores and what’s between the U.S. to Wales, India and South Korea.

And Dad is still out there gaining countries.

As if, like in this video, everyone is included.


Listening along with this music of joy.

As a way to simply say “Happy Birthday!”

And know he is standing there next to the water.

Smile beaming. For all.

10 Responses to “Because it’s August 22”

  1. hcgagel Says:

    Tried to post online, but as often happens, WordPress was not friendly. Very nice remembrance

  2. Paulhaider74 Says:

    I remember Uncle George at Wendy’s wedding on July 7, 1979 in New Jersey; this was my first memory of him, as I remember him being in the garden and explaining the vegetables to me. Roger, thank you for the remembrance.

  3. chicagoguy12 Says:

    Paulie–Yep, That was the day! And that sounds exactly like something he’d do.

  4. coachingmillennials Says:

    Thanks for this, Rog. This is perfect.

  5. rebeccadowningpelley Says:

    I was on the fly this morning but I had to come back to experience it again. Lovely…peace and stillness gradually broken wide open to reveal the glorious exaltation of remembrance. It’s terrific…and perfect. Happy Birthday indeed!

  6. chicagoguy12 Says:

    Becky–I hope you know how much the fact you are reading means to me. I never know who–if anyone–is reading. So knowing you are means more than I can describe. Your constant support this tough year has helped. A lot. Thank you!

  7. Ted Schneider Says:

    Roger, great way to remember him and wish him Happy Birthday.


  8. Helen Cavaluzzo Walton Says:

    P{raise to Buddums!

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