Where You There?


And the blood burbled out

Dribbled down

Stained his shirt.

He dropped down hard head

Smacked the soot stained sidewalk

Shook loose slammed beneath the city street throng.

I did not see the moment

But I heard the sound of bone on concrete

Sprawling arms convulse then still.

Under brutal baked and cruel city sun

That said

There might not be tomorrow.

And the blood burbled out

While the circles of cell phones rose to attention

Then a slow motion time staccato crowd moan

And the yips and yaps of blind and impotent orders being given

“Be careful!”

“Don’t move him!”

“Give him room!”

“Just be careful!”

Then finally the siren.

Coming in an instant that felt like forever.

Then came the siren

Ripping through the heat

Life a razor honed knife through melted butter.

Here they come

The social safety net.

And with a lumbering certainty

Lights flashing parting seas

They disembark

Take positions

Checking vitals

Street science saviors seeing more

than the rest of us

Making the decision

He was alive enough to move.

Faded Hawaiian shirt, blood stained knees and a missing shoe

He looked like a worn out wandering beach boy

Gone too long from a sad distant ocean

Swallowed by the city

Dirty blond hair, and shocked grey eyes

Dreams of summer waves and a smiling surfer girl.

While those resolute plodding street science saviors

Secured their new charge

Lifted up the sleeping beach boy

That man and that woman who are the social safety net

Lifted him high

Above the glass cracked baked and tired Chicago sidewalk.

Slid him in their wailing flashing chariot

And I wondered if there’d be someone worrying

When the cracked head bloody beach boy

Did not make it back on time


4 Responses to “Where You There?”

  1. toritto Says:

    Beautifully done Roger. Happy Easter!


  2. chicagoguy12 Says:

    Thanks Frank! Happy Easter!

  3. Naomi de Plume Says:

    So very powerful, ChiGuy. You’re ability to evoke emotions is an envy of mine.

  4. chicagoguy12 Says:

    I actually saw this happen. . .and it sure made me turn to a little young Johnny and June!

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