Remembering “Then Came Bronson”

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A Tribute to Actor Michael Parks

Maybe it’s the rain in Chicago tonight that makes it so easy to wash away the years since I rode that gloriously empty Pacific shoreline. Felt the power, heard the roar of that bike as we sailed across the sand of salt spray dreams. Maybe it’s the rain that I could have once outrun. Maybe once I could even have outrun the night. Careening up from the sand and shore and on to some adventure road, riding the forest darkness to an all night joint with red vinyl seats on gleaming silver stools and a midnight cup of coffee by a girl with eyes like laughter and suddenly I could write like Jimmy Webb; I could see the words on the page . . .

“Ran away from home when I was seventeen
To be with you on the California Coast”

Maybe it’s rain that makes the memory of Michael Parks so alive. Course that was just his real name. On TV he was Jim Bronson. The show was “Then Came Bronson.” It lasted about a minute and a half. But that was enough. Because when he’d be Jim Bronson, I was too. I could even be a writer like Jimmy Webb.

I was Bronson. Roger was just my real name. Jim Bronson lived a Woody Guthrie life, roaming and rambling across diamond deserts. When I would ride my bike to some faraway western paradise like Evanston (the suburb next to mine) I was really Bronson riding alongside rushing cold mountain streams.

Bronson would always have some sort of good versus evil trial to overcome each time he hopped off that bike. But whatever it was, I’d solve it with a cool guy shrug. Then there would be, just like Jimmy Webb’s song.

Drinking margaritas all night in the old cantina
Out on the California coast,

Then, before I hopped back on the cycle, off to follow that long lonesome highway, bound for the mountains and the plaines; there would be those long, soulful looks between me and the girl and the wild imaginings of what happened off camera. And I’d write like I would remember that moment forever, write like I was Jimmy Webb AND Jim Bronson.

We never really made it baby
But we came pretty close
Miss the blood red sunset
But I miss you the most.

So long Michael Parks.
And thank you for those golden moments. When I got to be Bronson too.

2 Responses to “Remembering “Then Came Bronson””

  1. Tom Cordle Says:

    I used to be a big fan of Michael Parks/Jim Bronson – he was James Dean cool without the whine. I also seem to remember him singing a song I first learned from my folks …

    Way down yonder in the Indian nation
    I rode my pony on the reservation
    In the Oklahoma Hills where I was born
    I don’t care if it’s rough or stony
    Long as I can ride my pony
    In the Oklahoma Hills where I was born

    • chicagoguy14 Says:

      James Dean without the whine. Yes! And I’ve always loved that song. Woody Guthrie has been a hero since I was about ten. So hearing the song on the show. . .it just seemed right.

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