Cubs Across the Years

You think it’s just about a baseball game?

A moment ago the Cubs journey to win it all just got stopped cold. And I remember back when we were young guys, my friend Larry and I in a late September, near empty Wrigley Field watching Andre Dawson throw a man out at the plate from the right field wall, his throw like a supersonic rainbow and I thought “There it is. There’s our World Series. Pretty cool. Right?

If you think it’s just about a baseball game, then walk through last night’s game. The team, scratched, limping, bleeding somehow came together and they won. Forget stats and money and marketing malarkey. See that game and you see heart. Beyond words. Just heart.

This was my Grandfather’s team. So of course it’s mine too. The love spans the generations.

We can listen to the Steve Goodman song, and dig down a bit now to know that we’re not losers anymore. We all won the World series last year and this year we were still standing in October when pretty much everyone else was sitting down. We can listen to the song and hear the rhythm of the game across the years. Another spring. The summer nights on the radio. The dancing autumn lights of October.

And the liberating revelation that our world needs so deeply now: just because you won, does not mean that I lost.

9 Responses to “Cubs Across the Years”

  1. toritto Says:

    Wait till next year Roger! We said it in Brooklyn all the time. Thinking of Duke Snider and Ernie Banks tonight. Regards from Florida.

  2. chicagoguy14 Says:

    Duke Snider and Ernie Banks. Two of the greats!

  3. paulhaider1974 Says:

    Roger, thank you! I turned off the television when I got home from class last night and saw that the score was 9 to 1 with Kershaw being hugged by the Dodgers’ manager in the dugout. However, I saw the World Series champions in one incredible game that they won on Monday, October 9, 2017 when a return trip seemed possible. Even if the Cubs’ bullpen and hitting stink compared with last year, the Cubs are still the champions…for another twelve days. Let’s never forget that the Cubs are undefeated in the month of November, as 2016 produced at least one victory for the ages that isn’t related to a narcissistic orange clown who is guilty of voter suppression, collusion, and treason.

  4. Cindy Says:

    Is that the open door of the bullpen? Too bad Steve wasn’t around to write a verse about bullpen dancing that came to us this year. Great fun!

    • chicagoguy14 Says:

      No that’s an old door when it was just a storage room. But that bullpen dancing was one of the highlights of the year!

  5. Paul Campbell Haider (@Paulhaider74) Says:

    Although the Cubs’ bullpen in 1987 was much worse than in 2017, I think that the dancing was better than the pitching during the season and playoffs for this past year. I am in the odd position of rooting for the Houston Astros tonight because it’s time for a new champion in the American League; I can still remember the Dodgers winning in 1988 with Kirk Gibson.

  6. Tom Cordle Says:

    I can relate – at least a little – when I lived in Orlando, I became a big Tampa Bay Bucs fan. That meant I had to suffer through the infamous 0-fer season. Then cheapskate owner Hugh Culverhouse wouldn’t pony up to keep QB Doug Williams on the team for a measly $400,000 a year (you probably couldn’t get an NFL equipment manager for that money these days). Williams had the last laugh, of course, moving on to Washington and leading the Washington Racial Slurs to victory in the Super Bowl, while basically playing on one leg. How’s the old poem go?

    Of all the sad words known to men
    The saddest are “what might have been”

    • chicagoguy14 Says:

      Cheapskate owners are where it starts. The Ricketts family spent the money. We won.

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