Christmas Moment #1

The bicycle mangled into a pretzel splayed out across Southport Avenue just in front of the Jewel Foods Store. The rider on his back on the ground. Tucked into an emergency blanket trying to raise his head from the concrete. Young guy. Dizzy. The sirens wailing in the distance. Cars slowing down from both directions. Because standing guard over this kid there is this cop. He is directing the cars with the beams of his flashlight. Slowing then guiding cars from both directions. Away from the kid on his back in the street. The cop setting a pace, a rhythm with the beam of his light. No big thing, he’d tell anyone who’d ask. This is what he does every day. Till you look at his face for just one real holiday moment and you see it. You see the cop look at the kid on the street. Between every single car he’s directed to glide safely by. And you see the look the cop gives the kid. The look that says this is my watch. And while you are here, while you are in my charge, there will be nothing that will hurt you. You will be safe. You will be just fine.

And what happens next is that all the larger troubles of our common world, just for a moment fade away. The fire on the flames of divisiveness, the poisoning of our planet under emergency blankets of denial and flat out lies, and the cruelty to the most vulnerable among us in our self righteous sneer of “I got mine. Why can’t you get yours?”—-it all just fades.

As that one cop guards his charge, all those larger troubles fade for just a moment and just for that one golden moment . . . you hope.

11 Responses to “Christmas Moment #1”

  1. toritto Says:

    Wonderful Roger Just wonderful. Best wishes for Christmas and 3018! Best from Florida.

  2. toritto Says:

    that’s 2018! 🙂

  3. Ted Schneider Says:

    How true that things especially tragedy or accidents can get us to pause for a moment and the hatred, me first, and get out of my way attitude is put on hold for a moment. Forget about the true meaning of Christmas if you will but at least try to remember why we are here and what is truly important- making sure you realize you are not the center of the universe and others are equally important.

  4. pastorcarol22 Says:

    Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for holding up a GOOD cop for us to see. Very HOPEFUL piece! Merry Christmas!!!!

  5. Bob Conner Says:

    Perfect, Roger. Simple perfection.

    We all have Christmas moments, most of us throughout our entire lives. Those unexpected, unplanned instants of chance; some lying in the streets, others flying through the air at the speed of light, rarely stopping for conversation.

    We all have the ability to stop and to make them a vital moment in our own lives.

    Chance in all its randomness is rarely anything more than a fleeting instant which, if we’re to catch them to make them a meaningful instant in our lives, we must be willing to walk through life with a wide-open, receptive glove.

    For; just as life itself, those moments speed past a long, long line of people; many with their gloves wide-open and ready to catch, while others are simply to busy trying to impress spectators; their mouths wide open in place of their gloves, allowing those moments to fly by and into the glove of the alert and expectant player.

  6. chicagoguy14 Says:

    Yep. Catching those moments!

  7. Rpelley Says:

    Yes…yes so very much… hope-sweet as water in the desert- hope.❤️

  8. Paul Haider Says:

    Roger, let’s hope that the kid on the bicycle has health insurance and won’t get charged an exorbitant fee for being taken in the ambulance to the nearby hospital. As a young guy, he might still be on his parents’ insurance plan thanks to Obamacare. I am sure that the cop would want Gary McCarthy to run for mayor, and I am in full agreement with the police for once in my life.

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