Songs From His Great Grandmother

Here’s Grand Nephew James! His Mom and Great Grandmother–my Mom. And some music that lives on. Honoring peace worldwide.

7 Responses to “Songs From His Great Grandmother”

  1. toritto Says:

    Nice Roger! James is a fortunate son! Regards

  2. boomerbob Says:

    You have a very impressive family. Were you fortunate enough to absorb some of the music talent? I’d love to be able to play, or sing, but not much luck in that arena for me.

  3. chicagoguy14 Says:

    No talent here–just a lot of appreciation!

    • Paul Haider Says:

      Is this the daughter of your sister Robin? She is beautiful and a dead ringer for her mother. Is she a musician too? Actually, there is a lot of talent in your family from which the genes of Edith Nixon Wright can be attributed.

  4. chicagoguy14 Says:

    Yes–That’s Janet, Robin’s daughter. I don’t think she or Mary–Robin’s other beautiful daughter–are musicians. Warren’s son Jack is the musician. He’s in a band called Wylder–which I KNOW will be big!

    • Paul Haider Says:

      Jackson Wright? I hope that he will be as successful as Jackson Browne who I will be seeing at Ravinia on Friday, June 15. May the road and the sky take Jack’s career to an appearance on the late show before the deluge.

  5. Paul Haider Says:

    When it the 90th birthday party scheduled for a great woman named Barbara Dowd Wright? We will be in New Jersey during the summer of 2019 for Francesca’s first pilgrimage to the promised land of Freehold, Long Branch, and Asbury Park.

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